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Kaitlin Riley

Kaitlin Riley


Kaitlin’s music career began at a very young age, when her fifth grade music teacher told her that she had a gift. From then on, it all went down hill. She started off joining the fifth grade honor choir. From there, she competed in District, Regionals, Solo and ensemble. She received special honors and recognition. Kaitlin even placed three years in a row in the Texas All-State Choir. When she graduated high school, Kaitlin then went on to continue her musical education as a Vocal Performance major at Texas Womens University. But despite all these awards and accomplishments, Only one moment in my musical experiences stands out above the rest. It was eighth grade, and I was performing Evanescence’s “Breathe No More” For our schools talent show. Back then our schools talent show was a big deal to us, so literally the whole schools students, teachers, and parents were crammed into our cafeteria. My pianist and I were the last act to go on stage. I remember standing behind the curtain nervously picking at my nails and running the song through my head. When it was our turn, we stepped onto the stage and I gripped the microphone in my hand as I looked out into the sea of people. We took our places. As soon as the melody of the piano intro began, Something incredible happened that would forever change me as a musician, as a singer, and as a person. I began to sing, and as the words and melody flowed from me, the audience became very quiet. I don’t think a single person spoke, none the less moved. I had them captivated, entranced. But the most surprising part of it all was they had me too. Never had I ever felt so connected and as one with the music and audience in my life. Tides of emotion crashed all around us. When the song ended, The entire audience stood up and gave me a standing ovation with smiles and booming cheers. That day, I didn’t just win first place and a trophy. I touched a crowd of people with my music. I reached out and touched their hearts and souls. In that moment I realized music isn’t about being the best or beating all the others. It’s about how you connect with others and how you make them feel. Someone once said “Music is a language which the soul alone understands, but which the soul can never translate.” I believe this to be true. Were it not for music, the beautiful would be dead.

Chris Bannoura

Chris Bannoura

Guitar, Drums, Piano

Chris started in music at the age of 9 on the recorder in school. Eventually he learned the drums as this was his instrument of choice since the earliest he could remember. He learned and played heavily throughout his childhood and was influenced by a wide range of musical acts from Led Zepplin to John Denver. He began playing the guitar at age 15 with his older brother Dan. Dan had started taking lessons and needed someone to play along with. Chris would put the sticks down and learn the lessons that his older brother had been taught and through this, learned to play the guitar. In college, Chris received classical piano training from Jan Brachel, a notable performer and instructor in the Detroit area for 7 years. Eventually, Chris started hosting open mic’s at the local coffee shop’s and bar’s in the area. Chris has worked with several notable musicians and has participated in several moments that defined Chris’ drive, dedication, and mission; to play music professionally everyday. Session work for: D12, members of P-Funk, and the likes of DJ Assault, Chris grew his experience and had the opportunity to “fill in” when needed. Chris was always involved in music on every level, from recording friends in his in-house studio, to filling in for bands in various roles on drums, guitar, or bass.

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